Smart LED Lighting System

Smart Lighting Syste that efficiently manages lighting through various lighting control technologies

Smart LED Lights

Provides smart life through various color temperatures and dimming for user convenience

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Smart LED Lights Controller

A device that receives communication control signals from a server and controls the color temperature and illuminance of smart LED lights.

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Multi Senor

A device that maximizes user convenience and energy saving effect by interlocking sensors (illumination, occupancy, and composite) at individual/group lighting levels

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Control and Management System

Individual or group control is possible through a network, and on/off control for individual or group lighting equipment using various wired/wireless communication protocols, light output control (Dimming), automatic On/Off control according to detection of occupancy, A new concept lighting system that can conveniently and efficiently perform automatic brightness control of lighting according to daylight illumination and illumination scheduling control for each time period.

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