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Smart LED Lighting System     Media BIPV System     Communications Equipment

Smart LED Lighting System

Smart LED Lighting System

Smart lighting system that efficiently manages lighting through various lighting control

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Smart LED lighting

Provides smart life through various color temperatures and dimming for user convenience             

Smart LED controller

Device that receives communication control signals from a server and controls the color temperature and illuminance of smart LED lighting equipment.

Multi Sensor

Maximizes user convenience and energy saving effect by linking sensors (illumination, occupancy, and composite) at individual/group lighting levels

Control and management system

Lighting system that can efficiently control and manage smart LED lighting

Media BIPV System

Media Building Integrated Photovoltaic System

Functional architectural exterior material with media and solar power generation

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Media-BIPV module

Building-integrated photovoltaic module (BIPV) equipped with a media display, excellent in design and inexpensive, next-generation functional architectural exterior material

Media-ICT Junction Box

ICT junction box that can intelligently control the media and power generation of the solar module

AI content operation and system control

Smart device to effectively operate and control big data-based media information and production power

Operation & Maintenance

Applying module mapping technology, system failure diagnosis platform (O&M) for individual modules and strings is operated

Communications Equipment

Communication equipment

Dedicated line service

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Channel service unit


Ethernet Channel Service Unit


Data Service Unit


Ethernet Data Service Unit